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6 tips to stay organized this holiday season

The holidays are officially here. Get my free holiday printables plus some holiday organizing tips here. Continue reading

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Black Friday shopping rant

Were you amongst the Black Friday crowds, pushing and shoving to get the best deals? Was it worth it? I would like to hear from you, but here are my thoughts. Continue reading

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A smart and affordable way to keep earrings organized

If you enjoy frugal ways to organize, you’ll like this tip for storing earrings. Continue reading

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Cute, functional and organized storage for Legos

Trying to organize small toys can be a pain, especially Legos! Here’s a product than will make clean-up a breeze! Continue reading

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Organize your home with free printable labels from Better Homes and Gardens

Do you have pretty woven baskets or other creative organizing containers, but are unable to label them? Here’s a free solution for you. Continue reading

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Organizing your book collection

If your clutter issue is having too many books, but you don’t know where to start, then this blog post is for you! Continue reading

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DIY solution for storing and charging electronic devices

Hide all of your mobile device cord clutter away in this easy to set up battery charging drawer. Read how to make yours in my latest blog post. Have a good weekend! Continue reading

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Free tips and checklist for preparing an emergency preparedness kit

If you lost power tomorrow, would you have the supplies you needed to sustain you for several days (or weeks)? Here are some tips, including a free checklist to get your emergency preparedness kit started. Continue reading

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File in style – attractive file cabinets for any decor

Is your small file cabinet stuffed (or unused) and you have piles of paper and mail to be filed away, but no time to get to it? Here’s a tip that may work for you. Continue reading

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The Kitchen Office: A Busy Mom’s Central Command

Your mail and bills center can be a small space. It’s all about creating a system and staying on top of it. Here’s an attractive, yet small command station idea in my latest blog post. Continue reading

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