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9 tips to spring clean your stuff!

Are you planning to do some spring cleaning in spaces other than the basement, garage and backyard? Cramped cupboards and cabinets need help too. Here are some decluttering tips for a few spaces in the home, and for spring cleaning, download my free Spring Clean & Organize Checklist on my blog. Continue reading

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An easy and affordable way to create extra kitchen storage

I’ve been quiet lately, but I’m back. I hope you are well and getting some decluttering projects done! Today I have a simple storage solution from Martha Stewart. Until next time, enjoy! Continue reading

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Make organizing rules instead of resolutions

Are you ready for a new, and more organized New Year? I know I am. I have lots of small home organizing projects planned. However, some of you may still need to work on the basics to manage clutter. In my next blog post, I talk about making rules to stay organized. So, instead of making resolutions, make some rules and your new organizing habits are more likely to stick. Happy New Year! Continue reading

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Repurposed kids arts and crafts organizer

I love it when you can repurpose something you already have. However, I don’t encourage you to save everything just in case you could use it differently! That’s not a good idea, unless you know when to stop! 🙂 Here’s a repurpose idea for storing a few arts and crafts. Continue reading

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Free community shredding for Howard County, Md. residents

Free community shredding for local subscribers who live in Howard County. Check out the details in my latest blog post. Continue reading

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Community shred days in the Baltimore/DC metro area

Here’s another opportunity to safely get rid of some old paperwork. Community shredding events this month will be in the Baltimore and Washington DC metro area towns, Columbia, Glen Burnie, Annapolis, Bethesda, Chevy Chase and Silver Spring. If you live outside the area, check the company websites to see if they will be in your area soon.

Do check the shredding company’s website for details on their particular event. Some events are fundraisers and may ask for a small donation. Please also abide by their rules on what they will or will not accept, and consider using their services from time to time after the events have passed. Continue reading

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Get your papers shredded at a local free community shredding event

My latest post is for local subscribers – this Saturday, September 6, local TV station, NBC4 and Allstate will be sponsoring a free community shredding event, and I will be sharing a few more shredding events in a few days that will also be taking place this month in the Maryland/DC metro area. For more information about this Saturday’s event, read on. Continue reading

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Reuse and recycle organization for your junk drawer

Getting organized doesn’t have to be expensive. Yes. It’s nice to have the latest bins and containers, but I’m all about reusing what you have before going shopping. Here’s a frugal organizing tip for you. Continue reading

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An affordable DIY for creating extra storage

Another fun and frugal idea for organizing items in your bathroom. Continue reading

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Easy DIY paper organizing cubbies

Still struggling to keep daily paper organized? Here’s a cheap and green organizing tip from Martha Stewart to create organized storage for your mail, magazines, bills, and other paperwork. Continue reading

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