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Join me at the Wed Wine Event at Ethan Allen

If you live in the area and could do with a girls night out – with wine of course – check out where I will be presenting soon! Continue reading

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Create modern, streamlined and organized storage space

Sorry. I haven’t been writing much lately. Been busy with some other projects, and just life! Here’s a fun, modern home décor item that also serves as storage either indoors or out. Continue reading

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A few simple rules to be more organized

Getting organized is not easy for everyone. Some people are simply not taught, so don’t feel bad if you’ve been struggling for a long time. Here are some back to basic tips to get started. Continue reading

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Enter to win a free organizing makeover

Do you know someone in the Greater Baltimore area who could do with a free organizing makeover? I bet you do? If so, please share my latest blog post. There will be 3 grand prize winners, plus lots of other prizes! {P.S. By the way, please note that my blog is undergoing some changes. It’s fully operational but you’ll notice that the title is CastAway the Clutter and no longer Family Makeover Maven. The content will not change – I just wanted it to fit in with my company website. I hope you like the changes! :) An official announcement will go out again after the domain name has been changed.} Continue reading

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Organizing your important documents

I don’t know about you, but keeping paper organized can be a challenge, especially when I’m so busy with other stuff. Much of what we print and file is available online, but what’s not online is our important documents and vital records (and they shouldn’t be either!). Do you have those organized? Could you, or another family member quickly retrieve your birth certificate or house deed paperwork in under a minute? What would happen if you were suddenly not around anymore – hard to think about, right? Read my latest blog post to see what steps you need to take to fix this. Happy New Year! Jacquie Continue reading

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How do you organize your scarves?

So, how do you organize your scarves? Martha Stewart has an interesting idea for the inside of your closet door. Continue reading

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6 tips to stay organized this holiday season

The holidays are officially here. Get my free holiday printables plus some holiday organizing tips here. Continue reading

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Black Friday shopping rant

Were you amongst the Black Friday crowds, pushing and shoving to get the best deals? Was it worth it? I would like to hear from you, but here are my thoughts. Continue reading

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A smart and affordable way to keep earrings organized

If you enjoy frugal ways to organize, you’ll like this tip for storing earrings. Continue reading

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Cute, functional and organized storage for Legos

Trying to organize small toys can be a pain, especially Legos! Here’s a product than will make clean-up a breeze! Continue reading

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