How weight loss affirmations may help moms to lose weight

There are very few moms that I know who aren’t trying to “lose a few pounds”.  In this day and age of pre-packaged convenience foods and fast food restaurants, it can be hard to eat right when you’re always on the go. 

Planning your meals, including all snacks, will help you to eat right, but more importantly, you should have the right mindset when you are confronted with unhealthy and high fat foods.  The right mindset will stop you in your tracks when you’re about to say yes to another slice of cake or donut, no matter how delicious the first one was!

One way to change your mindset is to come up with some weight loss affirmations that you repeat daily to help you to be in control of what you eat, when you eat and how to resist temptation.

 Here are 10 positive weight loss affirmations that may help:

1.         I am committed to losing weight, so that I can feel good about myself.

2.         I will only eat when I’m hungry.

3.         I will eat in moderation and not get caught up in the next diet craze.

4.         I am not going to apologize for saying no to unhealthy food choices.

5.         I am losing weight because I care about my health.

6.         I am taking care of myself first, so that I’ll always be around for my family.

7.         Healthy foods will reward me with more energy and a healthier mind.

8.         I will work on my issues instead of using food for comfort.

9.         I deserve to look great, get back down to my pre-baby weight and feel good about myself.

10.       I didn’t gain weight overnight, so I will wait patiently for the new me as I work on a new and improved lifestyle change.

Select the affirmations that resonate with you.  Write them down and read each one every day until you believe it!  At first it may feel like wishful thinking, but after a while, there will be mindset shift and you will start to believe each affirmation statement. 

Are you ready to change your attitudes about food and dieting? Are you ready for the new you? 

What do you think?  Do you think that affirmations work?

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