Preparing for an organized holiday season

holiday planning checklist, free forms, organized christmasThe holiday season is a time for fun and family, not chaos and disorganization! It’s not too late to control the holiday chaos even with Thanksgiving coming up.  You just need to get organized!  The following is a list of tasks that I can help my clients get set up, from creating an Holiday Notebook, to mailing out holiday greeting cards.

Create a checklist for all of the things you need to do before the holidays and then schedule time to get started.  Here are some things to consider:

Holiday Planning Notebook – Set up a notebook, so that all holiday related information, including family traditions, is in one place.

Holiday Gift Wrapping Station – Carve a nook somewhere in your home to create a temporary (or permanent, if you have the space) area for all of your holiday related tasks, e.g. gift wrapping, card writing etc.

Holiday Card Giving – Create an electronic address list to make it easy to write and send out greeting cards.

Holiday Décor Organizing – Re-organize all holiday decorations so that storage and retrieval is fast and easy.   Call me after the holidays to help you to organize all of your holiday decorations after the holidays have ended.

Holiday Entertaining – Write up your guest list, invitations, meal planning ideas and more, that you can refer to year after year.

Holiday Guest – Declutter the guest room, so that guests feel welcome.

Holiday Travel Organizing – Set up systems so that preparing for a trip is quick and easy.

Holiday Budget Planning – Make a note of all of the holiday costs this year so that you can create an accurate budget for next year.

Free holiday planning checklists! Sign up for my Holiday Planning Checklists here.  

If you live in the Baltimore, Maryland/DC metro area and need help from a professional organizer, contact me at CastAway the Clutter! I specialize in all aspects of home organization and, at this time of year can help you to get organized for the holidays!


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  1. Denise says:

    great ideas!