5 easy organizing tips for dealing with the mail

Dealing with the mail is a task that may sometimes feel endless.  As soon as you’ve managed to clear one pile, in comes another.   If you’re still trying to get through the last few piles, here are some tips for keeping it under control moving forward.

1. Recycle Immediately: As soon as you pick up the mail, sort it over an outdoor recycle bin and get rid of the junk mail before you step inside your home!

2. Scan or Clip: To avoid magazines piling up, scan or clip the articles you’d like to save, and recycle the rest.

3.  Donate the Excess: If you subscribe to a lot of magazines, but have no time to read them, check with your local pre-school, doctor’s office, hospitals or women’s shelters to see if they would be interested in taking them off your hands.

4.  Stop Junk Mail: Too much junk mail?  Get your name off all mailing lists by contacting the companies directly or writing to the Direct Marketing Association.  A full list of companies to get your name off  lists can be found on my website here: Stop Junk Mail.

5. Shop Online:  Pretty much all catalog companies have the option of shopping online, so make a note of the website, your customer number and any special offers.  Then, call the catalog company to take your name off their mailing list.  If you have a great deal of catalogs, remove them all at once at Catalog Choice.

More importantly, having an organizational system for dealing with the mail will make sorting a lot less painful!

If you need professional help, contact us for in person or virtual organizing assistance.

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4 Responses to 5 easy organizing tips for dealing with the mail

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  3. Lucy Black says:

    Some great tips, thanks for the post!

  4. Carrie says:

    Great tips! I tend to pile up my mail and it overwhelms me…doing these things will help!