9 tips to spring clean your stuff!

Spring Clean and Organize

My Spring Clean and Organize Checklist – Click to Download & Print (opens in a new window)

It’s amazing what a little bit of warm weather can do to people’s moods.  The light and warmth of the sun provides us with an extra boost of energy to get things done.  Basements and garages are cleaned out, front gardens and backyards are cleared and prepared for a new season, and baseboards and windows are spring cleaned.  However, we mustn’t forget all of our personal belongings that continue to crowd cupboards, cabinets and closets.

Included in this post is my free Spring Clean and Organize Checklist, which you can download for your own personal use.  The list includes the typical areas we think of when it’s time to spring clean, but with all of the stuff we own today, it’s  important that decluttering, purging and organizing is also a part of the spring cleaning process, so here are 9 tips for decluttering some of the day-to-day stuff:

  1. Paperwork : Go through a few file folders.  Purge and shred papers no longer needed. If you have a huge backlog, this is a great time to look for local free community shredding events. Subscribe to my blog updates or newsletter to receive updates on local (Md), and occasionally, national shredding events.
  2. Kitchenware: Go through dishes, pots and pans, cutlery and small appliances.  Are you using all of them?  How often do you use your small appliances?  Declutter, and give your cabinets some breathing space.
  3. DVDs/Videos: Go through all DVDs and videos and donate what you’ve outgrown. Consider converting keepsake VHS tapes to DVDs, e.g. birthday parties/weddings etc., with a service like Home Video Studio. They will do a great job for you, and you can trust them with your cherished memories.
  4. Kids’ bedrooms: Sort through your child’s clothing.  Donate what no longer fits (or save in labeled containers for hand-me-downs), and make room for spring/summer clothing.
  5. Kids’ toys: It’s time to get out the outdoor toys and sporting equipment, and to put away winter equipment (skis, sleds, etc.) and to donate toys that your children have outgrown.  Have them go through their toys with you, and remind them that it’s going to children who may be less fortunate.
  6. Books: Pick a few bookshelves at a time, and go through books to see what you can donate.  When organizing your book collection, it should include books for all family members, including cookbooks.
  7. Bed Linens: Switch heavy comforters and blankets to more lightweight bedding, and pack away winter bedding in bins or vacuum storage bags.
  8. Clothing: It’s important to go through your clothing at least once a year, but best practice is twice a year.  If you have small closets, your spring and summer clothing is probably in a bin or inside a closet in another room.  This is the perfect opportunity to see what fits, what doesn’t fit and what you don’t really like.   Donate or sell clothing in good condition that you will no longer wear.
  9. Bathroom:  Go through make-up and skincare.  Get rid of expired and unused products. Take expired and unneeded medications to a drug disposal drop-off.  Find a local near you: Take Back Drug Initiative

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