An easy and affordable storage solution for tools

Workbenches, garden sheds, and garages often become cluttered with tools that never quite find their way back to the proper drawers.  If you’re looking to clear clutter and create a workspace you can actually use for your next big gardening or woodworking project, check out Tool Dots from Laboratory 424.  These half-inch diameter magnets stick to the wall with super strong adhesive and can hold up to a half a pound.  Have a heavier item you want to hang?  Simply use multiple dots!  Make good use of basement, shed, and garage wall space to hang screwdrivers, saws, trowels, pruning shears, scissors – anything that will stick to a magnet.  And enjoy your newfound workspace!

This is a great time to spring clean your tools and garage space!  If you live in the MD/DC area, contact CastAway the Clutter! to see how we can  help.  

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4 Responses to An easy and affordable storage solution for tools

  1. Maria iemma says:

    As my spring cleaning takes off I am going to have to tackle the garage and I love the idea of hanging the tools – this makes them easily accessible and takes them off the shelf.

  2. jennifer aikens says:

    were you able to use just one dot for each of these items that you hung up? I think it would be great for a craft area as well. I have a lot of clutter and could use something like this. Thank you for the post!

  3. veronica lee says:

    I love the idea! Hanging tools on the wall makes the workroom so neat! I hate clutter! Thanks for sharing this!
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  4. Krystal V. says:

    affordable and looks so cute