An easy and affordable way to create extra kitchen storage

Maximize your cupboard space with this cute idea from Martha Stewart’s kitchen organizing ideas.  First, cover a tray with nonskid shelf liner.  Place it on top of a set of overturned glasses, creating an extra “shelf” to store another set of shorter juice glasses, plates, or bowls.  To add visual appeal, start by covering shelves or the back of the cabinet with a cute patterned paper and then find a tray in a coordinating color to make your extra storage space.  You can often find affordable vintage trays at thrift shops and garage sales.  This solution then doubles as a serving tray for drinks and snacks when company stops by.

This solution is for those of you with very limited space, and I would only do it if you only needed the top layer of glasses on a daily basis, with the lower level for occasional entertaining.  Also, keep high enough up so that little hands can’t reach!


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