Clear up the clutter on your craft table with a Storganizer

Crafty moms who struggle with keeping their workspace organized might be interested in the Storganizer Station, a  table top organizer for crafts with compartments.  I found this one at JoAnn, but when I went to their website, I learned that it is no longer available.  So, I went in search for it elsewhere, and here’s what I found: 


This is a very similar product available online at Herrschers, shown with craft supplies (not included).  I love the fun baby pink color! 

What do you use to keep your craft work surfaces organized?


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14 Responses to Clear up the clutter on your craft table with a Storganizer

  1. Erika says:

    That looks amazing! I’m not a crafter but if I were, I’d definitely do this.

  2. Brenda says:

    I am an avid crafter and we need all the organization we can get! Most crafting items are so small that they can be tricky to organize. That tote would be great for desktop organization!

  3. Christina Nall says:

    If you look up Storganizer on Amazon, it’s much cheaper. FYI, in case anyone is going to order. Between $10 – $13, depending on color.

    • Jacquie says:

      Thanks for sharing Christine. Amazon seems to have it all! 🙂

    • Auth says:

      Well, that looks more like a haven than a workspace! Wow! And I like your jruonal. Right now I only use a small photo album to hold photos with info on the back of each picture.As for the shelves, could you just remove the closet door?In my closet is an old medicine cart from the last place I worked, when they went to a computerized system. Right now it holds all my rubberstamping stuff that I’m not ready to give away just yet. Also are two rolling plastic bin carts with various and sundry items. If I got rid of some of that, I might have more room….nah. I’ll just have to struggle a bit.

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  5. Ambrielle Bender says:

    I love this! I use jars and stacked storage boxes I have a filing box with folders I use to drape my fabrics on and file my scrapbook materials an I use hangers for my ribbons… But this is way too cool!

  6. Karina Lee says:

    awesome. thank you!

  7. Carrie says:

    This is such a cute storage container! I love it…I use a wooden box I painted for my craft supplies

  8. I don’t do a lot of crafts, but I love this anyway! I could use it for so many things. I do wish I were a crafter! Thanks for sharing this product.
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  9. Joanne J says:

    A Storganizer like the one above is really helpful!

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