Create modern, streamlined and organized storage space






If you’re looking for a way to spruce up some empty wall space in your home or you want to create storage space in a small office or studio, check out Urbio.  This mix-and-match system of magnetic wall panels was designed to create vertical gardens in small, urban environments but this creative product offers tons of other possible uses.  The wall plates can be mounted to any wall and are equipped with large magnets strong enough to hold their line of containers that can house office supplies, craft supplies, magazines, and other household or office items.

Use Urbio to build your own indoor herb garden, to design a colorful wall of plants and flowers, or to create a cool-looking storage wall in your kitchen, office, or craft room.  Mix and match, intermingling plants and flowers with paperwork and office supplies, for a unique modern look.

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2 Responses to Create modern, streamlined and organized storage space

  1. What a great idea – I’ve never seen these!