Creative ways to store seeds…and keep them organized!

Seeds are the staple of any garden.  The challenge?  Storing them safely and keeping them organized so you can find what you’re looking for when growing season comes around.  Check out these two creative and affordable ways to keep seeds secure all year long.  This seed organization system from Chiot’s Run uses regular office file folders that are cut to fit a small metal box.  Seeds fit perfectly inside and the tab and front of each folder are used for labeling and adding any details (where did I order those seeds from last year?).  The Garden now – think later! blog takes a different approach, using a three-ring binder.  This solution uses clear pages designed to store photographs to tame those little packets of seeds.  Creating this type of box or binder is a great way to see what types of seeds you have and what you’ll need to order or buy for the new season.

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One Response to Creative ways to store seeds…and keep them organized!

  1. denise says:

    great ideas