A few simple rules to be more organized

organized momDoes the idea of getting organized make you feel uncomfortable and a little bit nervous? Learning how to be more organized may feel overwhelming, but creating routines and a basic set of organizational rules will help you to get organized and stay organized.  Here are a few organizing tips that can help you at home and work: 

Purge Often — One of the easiest ways to avoid the accumulation of stuff is to get rid of things, and get rid of them often! Paper, as we all know, is a pain, but you can scan or photograph most of the information you’d like to keep. 

KISS Keep It Simple Sweetie is something everyone should remember. If you make things too complicated, you’re not going to do them. Find a system that works for you – it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Be Creative — Get outside of your own head and think of new ways to keep your life organized. Learn about the latest apps that can help you with organizing information.  One of my favorites is Evernote.

Declutter Every Day — Use baskets to help you to transport things to their homes, but don’t keep the things in the basket for weeks at a time.  Clear your desk before leaving the office. 

Use a Calendar or Planner System — Writing things down gets everything out of your head and is the best way to ensure that you get things done. You can use paper or a to-do list app. I use a combination of Outlook Calendar/Email, Outlook tasks and Wunderlist.  Google Calendar and Google Tasks is also a popular computer option and it’s free, but a paper calendar can work fine too. Keeping a calendar will help with your organization and time management.

Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself — Backsliding is going to occur at some point, because you will be learning new habits and routines.  Life also gets in the way at times, even for those of us who are very organized – the key is to have organizing systems in place, so that it’s easy to get right back on track.

You can use these simple rules at home or in the workplace.  Remember to work on each rule or tip at a time, and before you know it you won’t be procrastinating as much and will have greatly improved your organizational skills

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