Getting organized in the kitchen – conquer kitchen cabinet clutter

Are you struggling to keep your kitchen cabinet or pantry organized? Whether you have a traditional pantry, or you store your canned and dry foods inside the kitchen cabinets, you can find kitchen organization solutions to fit your needs.  Here are 5 organizing solutions that may help:

1.  Glide-out shelves: For a custom solution, you can look at a product like Shelf Genie.  Shelf Genie are glide-out shelving installed inside your cabinets and can be used to store food or non-food items.  This product can be installed inside almost any cabinet in your home, not just the kitchen. Photo credit: Shelf Genie

2.      Expanding shelves: One of my favorite products, expanding shelves, are 3-tiered shelves used to store and organize canned goods and spices.  This one pictured is made out of eco-friendly bamboo. Photo credit: Stacks and Stacks

3.    Bakeware organizers: This organizer will  help you to keep your baking pans and cookie sheets neat and organized.  There are similar organizers for pot and plastic storage container lids too.    Photo credit: Miles Kimball

4.    Pantry organizers:  Do you have seasoning packet mixes everywhere? This organizer can help to control the clutter of smaller items, like seasoning packets, soup mixes or drink packets.  The attractive mesh design allows you to also see what’s inside, plus it’s divided into compartments to keep the contents organized. Photo credit: The Container Store.

5.    Can organizers.  This canned food or soda organizer is another great way to store and organize canned goods.  It’s 3 tiered so it helps to maximize the space in your cabinet or pantry shelf.  Be sure to measure your shelves, including depth and height, before purchasing.  Photo credit: Organize it.

You can also find similar organizers at local discount stores, like Walmart, Target, the Container Store and Bed Bath & Beyond.  Happy shopping!

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30 Responses to Getting organized in the kitchen – conquer kitchen cabinet clutter

  1. Pamela says:

    I really really really need the glide out shelves. My pots and pans have taken on a life of their own LOL

    Great post!
    Pamela recently posted..Love is…My Profile

  2. melissa says:

    What a cute idea! Love it!
    melissa recently posted..MyBody: Beat the Rush Review!My Profile

  3. I love the can organizer. I really need to get one of those.
    Ellen Christian recently posted..Butterscotch Chip Skillet Pie – Easier than butterscotch chip cookiesMy Profile

    • Bourama says:

      It is sturdy, easy to put thoteger and the cans roll well. Works good for my house because I buy a few of each type at a time not a dozen .so I really didnt need a rotater. I’m giving it 4 stars because it only comes with 6 dividers so the picture is a bit misleading. I ended up using three dividers on the bottom shelf which included small tomato paste cans and short pineapple cans. That meant only one divider on the top shelf. Not really a problem though because I’m ordering another one

    • Auth says:

      Whenever I buy something lnoine, I am always hesitant because I don’t know if the item will look or perform as it is shown/described. This is one of my best purchases from Amazon. It’s heavy weight (not like the cheaper ones the stores have). It fits the cabinet beautifully and it feels very strong. It was a great buy and if you are on the fence about getting it, get it .you won’t regret it.

  4. Trisha G. says:

    I love those glide-out shelves! Definitely something I need to look into getting!
    Trisha G. recently posted..Pin It Tuesday: Sesame Street Party!My Profile

  5. Jennifer says:

    I love that container for packages, might just have to get me one of those!

  6. Jessica says:

    I really like the pull out shelves and the can organizer. We could use those in our kitchen. Thanks for the post.
    Jessica recently posted..Petcakes Review and GiveawayMy Profile

    • Farhan says:

      This is certainly not eiesgndd for heavy items but it did add much needed storage space to my closet. It is perfect for light items such as ziplock bags, instant oatmeal, and granola bars. The racks are relatively open so small boxes such as jello will fall through if you try to stack them vertically. We had extra pieces left over because of the length of our door so we were able to add them to the back of the closet wall instead.

  7. Renee says:

    Oh! All of these ideas are fantastic! Do you have a suggestion for the kids snack area? By far my biggest mess in the pantry. Currently I have a plastic tote filled with an array of granola and fruit bars. The problem is that the kids dig in the tote and smash the snacks.

    • Jacquie says:

      Renee – you should limit the amount of snacks you keep in the tote, and also I recommend you divide up snacks into smaller bins or containers. I try to keep one type of snack together (can be different flavors), e.g. fruit bars are softer so should be kept separate from hard granola-type bars. I hope that helps.

  8. I would love, love, love some can organizers!
    Kristen Jeffery recently posted..Spinach SpaghettiMy Profile

  9. Danielle says:

    I freely cnofess, I\’m another one who thought at first glance that this item was overpriced. At one time in the misty past, I had something similar in the white plastic coated wire you see nowadays as shelving, only much flimsier. That product lasted all of a month or so before collapsing completely. Talk about not worth the price you paid! The Chrome Pantry Can Goods Rack is one of the better purchases I\’ve made in the last year. I tried a few other solutions before buying this one because I was concerned about the price. Inexpensive lazy susans and tiered can shelves didn\’t what I needed: Organize a few cans of each type together, where I could see what I had at a glance. Many of the competitors are poorly made, and like my old white wire version, they fall apart easily, spilling cans everywhere. Some are poorly sized, like the tiered can shelving I bought that couldn\’t actually hold cans! And some just aren\’t suited to anything smaller than a 6 person family, like alternatives I\’ve seen recommended here on Amazon, where you\’re intended to have 10 or more of any one kind of canned food. That\’s just too much for this two person household to store. This pantry organizer is a perfect storage device if you a.) Like quality built products; b.) Keep around 5 of any given canned item on hand at a time; and c.) don\’t want to be limited by the size of the cans you prefer. This unit can hold a tremendous amount without bending in the least, and it doesn\’t matter what type of cans you have. There\’s space for them all! The wire is heavy gauge, and the chrome hasn\’t chipped or flaked in 3 months of regular use. The only disadvantage would be overall size. To make a unit like this as sturdy as possible, you sacrifice the flexibility of making the width of the whole device adjustable, as it is on some lesser products. If you have small shelves, either by width, height, or depth, you\’ll want to measure carefully to ensure you have enough room for this rack. But if you have enough room, I can\’t say enough good things about it. This really helped alleviate a lot of irritation I had with my pantry. I only wish I could find other organizational products that worked this well for every part of my house.

    • Doug says:

      GREAT POINT, unfortunately i have the type of hubibe that doesn’t put the lid on ANYTHING as i have mentioned in previous vids lol so all that does it create a mess waiting to happen I could add another shelf like suggested which im looking into but you have a point maybe i could try canisters I have counter space and that would free up some room in my pantry lol but the granola and quinoa in you see in the bags only last a week in my house haaa he eats that up too thanks for watching

  10. Ovick says:

    This organizer is eallry handy in the kitchen. I used to keep all my kitchen wrap in a drawer that was eallry low to the ground and it was such a pain to constantly bend down to get it. Now I have this and it sits on a shelf where it is so easy to slide the wrap out to use it and slide it back in to put it away. The only reason I took one star off on the review is that it would be nice if it were a little wider. It is smaller than I thought it would be and I do still need to keep a couple of things in my drawer, but this has cleared up some space in that drawer that I can use for other things. Overall, I would definitely recommend this product.

  11. Mollie says:

    Being organize doesn’t mean because you put all the cooking ware inside the
    cabinet. Havingpull out pantry units in your cabinet makes your cooking ware more organized.

  12. Mollie Clemons says:

    I go for your tray divider… very presentable. You really simplifies things without taken its orderliness.

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  14. Carrie says:

    Great ideas! We have sliding shelves in our pantry and it helps alot!

  15. Rebecca says:

    I love the bake wear organizer! Such a great idea!

  16. Joanne J says:

    These are great organizing solutions!

    • Derrick says:

      I used this to organize my kiethcn cabinet with plants, bowls, etc. I CANNOT believe the difference looks like an entirely different cabinet much more room things are easier to get! I really want 4 or 6 more, but can’t really afford right now. It is hard to tell by the picture, but the shelf is a really nice, heavy duty brushed metal with 1/2 inch slats. Easy to adjust. Very sturdy (I have stack of 12 plates on my).

  17. I really need that can organizer! I don’t think the slide out shelves would be practical in my kitchen but the can and pantry organizers are a great idea! I need to get on that! Thank you for these tips. I wouldn’t have thought of some of them.
    Christy Maurer recently posted..Harry Potter Wizard’s CollectionMy Profile

    • Adrian says:

      Most of our dehydrated stuff is in vac seal bags. They arent ptrtey, but I reckon they’ll do ! As a matter of fact, we’re having a hard time keeping some of the bags sealed. I wonder if the dried items are poking small holes in the bag as they are being compressed. Might have to switch to jars like you have .hmmm.

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  19. Mark says:

    Great ideas. I always make it a point to visit the organizer section of Lowe’s when I go. They have a good selection of organizers for cabinets.
    Mark recently posted..How to Perform an DIY Energy AuditMy Profile

  20. Rachel says:

    We just moved to a house with less cabinet space, so this will be useful!

  21. I have seen some excellent stuff here! Certainly worth bookmarking for revisiting. Thank you!
    Chocolate is Fun, Chocolate is Healthy recently posted..1My Profile