How do you organize your scarves?

scarf and belt closet orgainzerScarves in a tangle?  Belts in a bunch?  Martha Stewart’s got you covered with this simple repurpose.  The site suggests mounting hanging paper towel holders on the inside of the closet door to drape scarves for organized and easy-to-access storage.  This solution keeps delicate scarves from getting snagged on hangers and hooks inside the closet.  Martha Stewart suggests pairing this idea with a mounted kitchen utensil bar along the inside of the closet door with S hooks for holding belts.  Now you won’t get tied up in knots just trying to get dressed in the morning!

This is definitely an interesting way to organize your scarves.  There are lots of ways to organize scarves, including using a scarf hanger, or folded or rolled up in your drawers.  How do you organize your scarves?

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2 Responses to How do you organize your scarves?

  1. I love this idea, but unfortunately, my closet doors are the folding types, so hanging anything on the back of them is not an option. 🙁

    • Jacquie says:

      Hi Janet – We also have bifold closet doors. However, I recently found some smaller (narrower) over the door hooks that work on bi-folds, and my daughter is using one on her door to hold bags etc. They could be also used to hold scarves, and don’t get in the way when opening and closing. Thanks! Jacquie