How to create an Organized Exit Station™ to control entryway clutter

What’s an “Exit Station”?
Since we don’t all have the luxury of a dedicated mud-room in our homes, creating an organizational system for leaving the home can be a challenge if there is very limited space,   So, after being asked by many clients over the past few years, “Where do I put my library books to return?”, or “Where do I put my store returns?”  I came up with the CastAway the Clutter! Organized Exit Station™ pictured here.  The Organized Exit Station™ is to gather the clutter to one place until it’s time to leave the house.

Customize it:
This particular set-up is perfect for small spaces, but can be customized to fit your needs.  You could use a wide cubby shelf, or a ready-to-assemble bookcase from your local discount department store, or anything you already have on hand that can be re-used for this purpose.  The key is to figure out what bins or containers you need, and where it’s going to go in your home.  Remember that it needs to be near where you exit your home, whether it’s near the front door, back door or garage. 

Don’t forget to use it regularly:
Finally, for items like donations, library books and returns, it is a good idea to also enter reminders in your planner or smart phone so that you know what needs to be dropped off/returned, and pick a day that works for you.  

If you have a system that works for you, please share.

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8 Responses to How to create an Organized Exit Station™ to control entryway clutter

  1. juliefoo says:

    I love it! Wonderful idea!

  2. Ana Cláudia says:

    very cool

  3. Jacquie says:

    Thank you!
    Jacquie recently posted..What is Virtual Organizing?My Profile

  4. Amber Nara says:

    I love the idea of this How to create an Organized Exit Station™ to control entryway clutter, I have no system in place right now exept for the top of my closet which is eating up some much needed room!!! I have to do this!!!<3 Thank You for the heads up!! And fantastic idea!

  5. bianca roman says:

    i absolutely love this idea! i still live at home, so i think my mom would smile at this haha. i ritually put things on our kitchen table and never clean it until it gets too piled up/overflowing and then it feels like a chore 🙁

  6. Jacquie says:

    Thanks for all your kind comments!
    Jacquie recently posted..How to maximize the space in a small closet with clothing organizersMy Profile

  7. Kristie Betts says:

    I love this idea and it doesn’t take that much space up

    Thanks so much

  8. Lisa R says:

    Great idea, biggest problem in my house is mail and school stuff being left on the table and counter tops, i can use it for this because i can’t stand that noone listens, I can at least throw it in this storage thing if i can find a good place for it, maybe the garage lol

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net