How to make your own ribbon organizer

Untangling those stubborn Christmas lights is enough of a headache.  Don’t waste precious holiday minutes sifting through a sea of knotted ribbon too.  These cheap, do-it-yourself ribbon organizers are cute and functional.  Better Homes and Gardens suggests an easy method for making the ribbon storage box pictured above.  First, build a simple rectangular wooden box.  Slide spools of ribbon onto a tension rod and then fit the rod tightly into the box.  Drill holes into the front of the box for each spool of ribbon and finish with a pretty coat of paint.  Finally, feed the ends of the ribbon through the holes and add a piece of wood to the top to make a shelf where you can store other wrapping supplies.

For a more compact version, Martha Stewart uses a shoe box or photo storage box.  Simply cut slits in the side of the box with a utility knife and cut small holes on each end.  Slide ribbon spools onto a dowel rod and insert the ends of the rod into the holes, feeding the ends of the ribbon through the slits.  For a more finished look, you can install grommets, found at hardware stores, into the side of the box.  For both boxes, place a thumbtack on each end of the dowel rod to keep it from sliding into the box.  Keeping ribbon organized and handy makes wrapping a cinch!

If this is all too much and you’d rather pick up a ribbon organizer from your local organizing store, check out the Container store’s ribbon organizer here.  I set this up for one of my clients who frequently gives out gifts to family and friends.  It includes a divider to keep the rolls from falling over, and you could even store bows or other small supplies on the other side.  Plus, just inside the lid is a small section for scissors and tape.

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