Cute, functional and organized storage for Legos







Nothing highlights the importance of keeping kids’ toys organized like stepping on a Lego in bare feet.  OUCH!  If a little Lego builder is turning your tidy living room into a mini construction site, it’s time for a Swoop Bag!  Sturdy and functional, these awesome storage bags come in an array of sizes and cheery colors.  Loosening the drawstring allows the bag to lay out flat, making the perfect Lego play space.  Then, when it’s time to call it quits for the day, just pull the drawstring tight again, swooping Legos out of sight – and, most importantly, out from underfoot!

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3 Responses to Cute, functional and organized storage for Legos

  1. These are really cute storage ideas. I liked these that storage bags and thinking to buy them for storing my daughter’s toys.

  2. Aras Androck says:

    Make sure no one steps on them bags. LOL