DIY solution for storing and charging electronic devices

battery charge drawer marthaWhen you go to charge your cell phone, your ipad, and any other device you might use throughout the day, do you have to do battle with a giant knot of wires that stretches across a counter or tabletop to the nearest outlet?  Martha Stewart has a solution for that.  This do-it-yourself battery charging drawer is a simple and clever way to keep electronic devices organized and out of sight while they’re charging.  To make your charging station, simply line up and drill two identical holes in the back of a table and the back end of the drawer.  Next, add adhesive wire clips to the bottom of the drawer and thread cords through, leaving enough slack so the drawer will open.  The site suggests adding a 5-ounce fishing weight to the cords behind the table so they will retract when the drawer closes.  A great way to clear off a cluttered counter or nightstand!

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One Response to DIY solution for storing and charging electronic devices

  1. That’s great. Way to make charging devices clutter-free.
    Shaun Hoobler recently discountMy Profile