DIY tricks for a stylish and organized picnic

origami picnic basketImpress your picnic partners this summer with these two tricks from Martha Stewart.  Using a 5-foot square of oil cloth, follow Martha’s instructions for folding an origami-style picnic basket.  You’ll have a convenient space to store summer picnic goodies!  While you’re at it, whip up a few of these DIY picnic utensil rolls to tuck into your basket.  Using a sturdy fabric, fold up the bottom ½” and press with an iron.  Make a pocket by folding up the bottom 5 inches (the ½” fold will form the top edge of the pocket).  Use a fabric pen and a straightedge to draw vertical lines, making three 1 ½”utensil rolls wide spaces (these will hold eating utensils) and one wider space to hold a folded napkin.  Use your sewing machine to sew straight down each line.  Sew a length of twill tape to the right-hand edge of the fabric.  Insert utensils and a napkin, roll the fabric around them, and use the twill tape to tie the whole roll together.  With these utensil rolls and your cute picnic basket, you’re sure to have the most stylish picnic at the park!

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  1. Cool. We’re having a picnic next weekend. I’ll try this trick.
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