Paper Management Intensive – A Teleclass Workshop

Do you have paper everywhere, covering a bunch of surfaces throughout your home?  Or maybe you’re a secret hoarder, with paper hidden away – stuffed in bags, drawers and closets?  Either way, paper clutter and disorganization costs time and money.  Individuals who struggle with paper organization waste money in late fees, waste time spent searching for missing papers, waste time spent printing the same papers over and over, and also waste money on items they had hoped to return (but couldn’t find the receipt).  As Dr. Phil would say, “How is that working for you?”

In my complimentary No More Mail Piles teleclass I gave yesterday, participants learned organizing tips for dealing with the mail using my C.A.S.T. system.  Dealing with the mail is a great start, but the mail is only one small part of dealing with household paper, which is why I knew it was time to offer a more intensive “boot camp” style workshop on how to manage ALL of  your paper. Participants who register for my Paper Management Intensive live teleclass training workshop, beginning soon, will learn life changing tips and strategies to completely change the way they deal with paper. Will this be you?

If you want to learn, step-by-step, how take back control of your paper and receive some great bonuses, you’ll want to join us.  Early bird registrants receive a special rate when they sign up by Sunday night (EST) 1/1/2012, so don’t wait – go to the registration page now on my CastAway the Clutter website to find out how you can get your paper under control in 2012 and feel confident and more in control. Go to this page to learn more: Paper Management Intensive.


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About Jacquie

Jacquie Ross is a professional organizer, a Certified Life and Family Coach and award winning owner of CastAway the Clutter! A busy person's expert, Jacquie works with professionals, seniors, empty nesters and families to develop strategies to reach their goals, identify any road blocks, and find more meaning in their lives. Learn more about Jacquie’s life coaching and parent/youth/family coaching here at the CastAway the Clutter Blog, and for organizing services, visit CastAway the Clutter! Jacquie can also be found on Facebook
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2 Responses to Paper Management Intensive – A Teleclass Workshop

  1. The way we manage paper as well as other office supplies shows that we are aware about ‘green’ living or not. More and more companies and individuals are embracing eco-friendly ways in order to safeguard contents of private documents and reduce paper wastage.

  2. Joanne J says:

    Thank you for posting!