Easy DIY paper organizing cubbies

paint can cubbiesThis DIY organizing solution from Martha Stewart is a cheap (and green) way to create organized storage for mail, magazines, bills, and other paperwork that can pile up and leave you with a cluttered desk space.  Decide where you want to add cubby-style storage and then line up clean paint cans (handles removed) or other empty canisters on the shelf.  Adhere the cans to the bottom of the shelf using adhesive Velcro strips along the bottom of each can.  Affix labels on the front edge of the shelf under each cubby.  You could assign a cubby to each family member or use them to categorize items such as outgoing mail, mail to be sent, invitations, coupons.

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One Response to Easy DIY paper organizing cubbies

  1. Sideways cans are such a good idea. I need cubbies like these for my papers.