Reuse and recycle organization for your junk drawer

Getting organized doesn’t have to be expensive.  Yes.  It’s nice to have the latest bins and containers, but I’m all about reusing what you have before going shopping.  Here’s a great tip for frugally organizing your junk drawers.

Give your junk drawer a makeover with this idea from Better Homes and Gardens. Reuse empty containers to store small items and things you want out of sight, but within easy reach.  The cups of an empty egg carton provide a home for tiny, easy-to-lose things like paperclips.  The other side of the carton can store bigger supplies like pencils and scissors.  Reusable cupcake liners provide additional defined storage space for small miscellaneous objects.  Add a coat of spray paint to the egg carton to add some visual appeal, and voila, you’ve got a pretty place to store items in your junk drawer or top desk drawer.

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One Response to Reuse and recycle organization for your junk drawer

  1. denise says:

    nice idea