Simple tips for keeping your linen closet organized







Mismatched sheets and pillowcases?  Towels and sheets spilling off of your shelves?  Get your bedroom and linen closet whipped into shape with these two organization ideas from Martha Stewart.   The site suggests using wooden shelf brackets secured to linen closet shelves to keep towels and other items in place.  Just drill a couple of screws through the underside of the shelf to keep the brackets in place.  Then, fold flat and fitted sheets and slip them into the pillowcases from the matching set.  Say hello to your neatly stocked linen closet and a crisp looking bedroom every time it’s clean sheet day!

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9 Responses to Simple tips for keeping your linen closet organized

  1. Jenn says:

    Love the idea of storing the sheets in the pillow cases

  2. Wendy Pogrant says:

    Thats a neat ideal I am going to start doing that with my sheets.

  3. Natasha Brodsky says:

    Seeing this both makes me giddy and sad. Giddy because I LOVE an organized closet but sad because I can’t get mine under control. 🙁

    • Jacquie says:

      Hi Natasha – thanks for your comment. Decide on no more than 2 bedsets per bed, and vacuum seal any bedding that is off season so that it doesn’t take up too much space (try a product like SpaceBags). Use shelf dividers, bins, drawers, or anything that will help control the clutter! Good luck!

  4. LAMusing says:

    Great idea! Now if only our small condo had a linen closet at all…

  5. Sylvia Ortiz says:

    What a clever and conventional way of storing your sheets inside the matching pillow cases! It most definitely keeps them displayed on the shelves in a neat manner, instead of them sliding sideways from not being folded precisely. 🙂
    Thanks for the share!

  6. Heidi LeMay says:

    I really need to do this. I store mine separately.These are good organizational tips.
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  7. I enjoyed this blog post