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Organized-Exit-Station-edited Decluttering is the first step to getting organized, and although most people know this, they can be stuck with holding onto items until they know it will be used by someone who needs it and will appreciate it.  The larger well-known charities will take most items in good condition, but sometimes it’s nice to give to a smaller charity or even to a school, library or hospital.  Here are 10 tips and ideas for getting rid of your stuff that you may not have thought of:

1.  Look for consignment stores in your area or similar stores that will buy your stuff.  Give them a call or stop by to ask for their policies to see if this option will work for you.

2.    See if you can find a nearby thrift store or church on the way to or from work, or where you would normally run errands.  A convenient location we will make it easier to drop of donations on a regular basis.  If there isn’t one nearby, call a charity that means a lot to you who will pick up in your area, and then get into the routine of donating on a monthly basis.

3.    Want to sell on eBay, but don’t have the time or expertise?  Visit the website to find an eBay trader in your area.  eBay traders will do all of the work and sell your items for you.  Their payment is a percentage of the profits.

4.    Ask friends or family if they need your hand-me-downs or household goods that are in good condition.  College students may appreciate donations when they’re moving into a dorm room for the first time.

5.    Preschools and some art departments in elementary schools may take your excess craft and back-to-school school supplies.

6.    Children’s hospitals may take your toys that are in good condition, but do check CPSC Recalls (US) first to make sure the items have not been recalled.

7.    Some Goodwill and Best Buy stores will take old electronics, including cell phones, televisions and computers.  Call your local branches to check to see if they offer electronics recycling.

8.    Second hand book stores, libraries and hospitals may take used books in good condition.

9.    Organizations like “Success in Style (US)” will take your gently worn professional attire.

10.    Check with your local homeless or domestic violence shelter to see what items they are in desperate need of.

If you know of other ways of parting with items, please share by mentioning them in the comments.  Happy decluttering!

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