Parent / Teacher Conferences – What Questions to Ask?

With parent/teacher conferences on the horizon, I thought moms of school-aged children may be interested in this advice on questions to ask your child’s teacher during parent/teacher conferences:

Questions to ask for students in all grades:
1. Is my child performing at grade level?
2. What are my child’s strengths and challenges in major subjects—reading, math, social studies and science?
3. How much time should my child spend on homework?
4. Are my child’s assignments completed accurately and on time?
5. Do you keep a folder of my child’s work? If yes, could you review it with me?
6. What can we do at home to support classroom learning?*
7. What is the best way to keep in touch with you?

Additional questions for middle and high school students:
1. How can I help my child to work independently and make the best use of time?
2. How can I help my child prepare for high school?
3. What can you tell me about peer pressure and how can I help my child handle difficult situations—drugs, alcohol, and sex?
4. What courses should my child take to satisfy graduation requirements? Do you have a list of courses my child should take to prepare for college?
6. If my child plans to attend college, how will the school help with the application process and finding out about financial aid?

Source: Maryland State Department of Education

You may be also be interested in this brochure from National PTA:

100 Ways to Help Your Child and School Succeed in School

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2 Responses to Parent / Teacher Conferences – What Questions to Ask?

  1. Yemy says:

    Liked the tips 🙂

  2. Rebecca says:

    How can I help my child prepare for high school – great question to ask. Parents need to be more involved and asking the right questions is how it happens. Thanks for the tips!