Positive thinking can be a great stress reducer when things don’t go as planned

At a local area public school I did a presentation on back to school organization.  It’s the second time that I have been called in to speak to their parents.  A few months ago I went in on a weekday morning to present my class on taking back control of household and paper clutter.  It was a popular class and filled with enthusiastic parents and grandparents. I was pleasantly surprised to have a full class in the middle of the day.

Yesterday’s back to school organization presentation was at 5pm and I had expected a similar turnout, figuring parents would come after work.  That was not the case and it reminded me that I should never make assumptions.   Afterwards, I talked briefly with the event planner and we both wondered: Was it the time?  Was it the date? Was it the topic?  We may never know.  The event planner was equally baffled.

It just goes to show that you can never predict the results of a perfectly planned event.  I was still able to present my talk; albeit to a small group; and it was still a lot of fun and I didn’t let the group size bother me.  In fact, it allowed me to provide a more personalized presentation to each participant.  I also knew that the value was the same regardless of the group size, so what was there to complain about?

I’ve come a long way since my early days of giving presentations.  Back in those days, I would have been very nervous and worried that no-one would show up!   I’ve found that keeping a positive attitude is a great stress reducer and has helped to get me through life’s unexpected events and ups and downs.  A positive attitude also reminds me to put things into perspective, because there’s always going to be someone else going through something a whole lot worse!

How is your attitude?  Are you generally positive or negative? A positive person expects good things to happen to them, and has a great attitude most of the time.  A negative person, on the other hand,  is usually the opposite and spends a lot of time complaining about the things that aren’t going smoothly in their life.

Have you had some challenges in your life and are struggling to stay positive?  Just take one day at a time.  Smile more often.  Try not to dwell on unhappy events and spend as much time as you can around positive people.  It also helps to write down all of good things that have happened in your life, and what you are grateful for.  You could start with the obvious things; for example: your children, your spouse/partner, your home, your health, your career or job, your ability to be a stay at home mom with the kids, your ability to earn a decent living, your car, etc.   Write a little a day until you have written down at least 100 things you’re grateful for.

What are you going to do today to improve your attitude?

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